I was wondering how people would feel about having a digital store front for Linux? It would be open source and available for any one to use.

What I'm talking about here would be different from your traditional "Software Center" or "Repository".

This would be different from using a global repository like using apt for package management as an example. It would be for the user on that system. The app installed would be installed in the user scope and not the root scope. This is important for a lot of reasons, but mainly security.

To clarify what I mean... It would be a place where dev's could make apps for users and sell their software. If the dev wanted to include it in a repo, then that would be up to them. The dev could choose what kind of license they'd like to use, choose their own list price, manage their own accounts and it could be moderated by the community. The most useful/popular/functional apps could be voted to the top (I'm already aware of the issues with this approach).

These are just simple raw ideas that could be refined as it was developed. I've been looking and there really isn't a way to do this with linux and I think it could help solidify the missing gap between Linux and other options. Maybe, maybe not.

I feel like devs should be able to produce an income other than crowd funding, donations, and merch. Building and refining software takes a lot of time and it could incentivise people to produce better products for the OS and it would also attract more users as well as a by-product.

I love open source and Linux is the only reason I was able to learn about software development and I feel like this isn't a bad thing. People need money to live and do stuff. It's just the world we live in and Linux seems to have zero support for this.

I've been thinking about this for awhile, but my main concern is how people feel about it. If people don't want to use and/or support it, then there's really no point.

I was hoping to spark a discussion about this and really see what people think about this. I'd like to read your opinions, experiences, and learn about others that may have attempted to something similar to this in past and learn from the mistakes that they made.

Please be respectful when posting. I'm looking forward to learning about your thoughts on this topic and I could see how this could be a touchy topic for some users, but I think this could be a good thing as long as it's done right. We don't need another walled garden. What we need is an open bazaar that people can have faith in and trust.

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Monday, April 15, 2019 - 12:24am