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Bamboo Computer Desk



Ideal for work, reading and homework, this folding Bamboo Laptop Desk is durable, and lightweight. It's compatible with all laptops sizes, folds up to a compact size , side table provides space for mouse, notes and snacks. Made from sustainable bamboo wood and cut-out design for proper cooling of your laptop. Comes shrink wrapped.

[Update: Maps Go too] Google Go hits 10 million installs on Play Store - an indicator of Android Go's success?

Deals: Moto Z2 Force for $300 and other Motorola discounts

Motorola was founded in Chicago on September 25, 1928 - and today it's turning 90 years old! The company is celebrating with discounts on its current phones, including a Moto Z2 Force for just $300 (AT&T model only). There's also the Moto Z2 Play for the same price.

The Z series models support MotoMods. The speaker mods are discounted by 25% as part of the promotion.



Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 17:00

Apple is moving iPhone XR production to Foxconn

Reportedly, Apple is currently switching over to Foxconn as its main contractor for the production of the upcoming iPhone XR. Initially, Apple handed over around 50 to 60% of the whole production to Pegatron and about 30% to Foxconn, but due to the delayed shipments of key components and capacity constraints, Apple was forced to switch the orders.



Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 19:00

Android Messages gets new search features

Last month, Google rolled out a major update to Android Messages which incorporated the latest material design elements including a cleaner interface with available dark mode. Following this update, Google posted in its blog that it would begin rolling out a new search feature for the SMS client.



Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 20:30

Our Huawei Mate 20 lite video review is up

Although its high-end siblings are only due to be unveiled next month, the first member of Huawei's Mate 20 family has been available for a while now. We're talking about the Mate 20 lite.

Our in depth, written review of this intriguing smartphone went up a few days ago, and now it's time for the video review to make its world premiere.



Tuesday, September 25, 2018 - 23:30

Apple iPhone XS Max components valued at $443

Apple introduced the iPhone XS Max with a price tag of $1,099 for the basic version, $1,249 for the variant with 256 GB and the staggering $1,449 for the 512 GB one. According to TechInsights, the component cost of the big iPhone is estimated at $443, nearly $50 more than the iPhone X's basic cost from last year.

Full graph of the iPhone XS Max component price



Wednesday, September 26, 2018 - 02:22


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