Apply video effects to YouTube Videos in Chrome or Firefox

YouTube Video Effects is a free browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which you may install and use to apply filter effects to YouTube videos.

The browser extension supports other YouTube tweaks; you may use it to switch to a dark theme on YouTube, remove black bars on YouTube videos, and make a handful of other modifications.

YouTube Video Effects is officially only available for Chrome and Firefox but the extension should install in Chromium-based or Firefox-based browsers as well.

It adds an icon to the browser's toolbar that you interact with. Note that you need to open the extension options for most of the tweaks that it provides.

YouTube Video Effects

youtube video effects

A click on the extension's icon displays the available filters. YouTube Video Effects supports more than 50 different filters that you may apply to videos.

Just click on any filter to apply it to the video. Only one filter can be active at a time but you can switch between filters in real-time using the controls the extension provides.

Different filter types are available. Some improve the focus or image quality (sharpen, saturation, focus), others fall into the "fun" group (rainbow, sepia) instead.

You may enable a dark YouTube interface in the filter menu as well to switch the lighter default design to a darker one on the site.

The YouTube tweaks

You find additional tweaks when you open the options of the YouTube Video Effects extension. The following tweaks are available at the time of writing:

  • Set a desired YouTube video quality. If a video does not support the desired quality, the next lower/higher quality is used instead.
  • Loop the YouTube video automatically.
  • Add full scale mode to YouTube.
  • Remove black bars around videos on YouTube.
  • Auto pause and play.

Some features are listed as options but are not available at the time. This includes an ad-blocker, turn off the light, floating video, and custom subtitle style tweaks.

Closing Words

YouTube Video Effects is a useful extension for Chrome and Firefox that adds filters and other tweaks to the video hosting site. Some filters may improve the video quality; this is the case for sharpen or focus for instance.

Mileage depends largely on the actual video but if a video is out of focus or not super-sharp, you may use the filters to improve the quality.

Most of the filters are not uber-useful, however. While you may have a chuckle after enabling the rainbow filter, it is not as if it adds anything of value to the video.

The tweaks that the extension supports are quite nice to have though. Setting a desired video quality is always a useful feature, and so are tweaks that remove black bars or enable the looping of videos.

Now You: Do you use YouTube extensions or tweaks?

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