Best Samsung Galaxy S9 cases and S9+ cases: Protect your new Galaxy smartphone

Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones, but while they don't represent a huge change in design over their S8 predecessors, that means they're still gorgeous devices that you definitely won't want to break.

The Infinity Displays are still some of the best looking in the business, with their 18.5:9 ratios and curvaceous edges and the back panels are as head-turning as ever.

Of course, it's a shame to cover up such beauty, but we're sure you'd rather keep your Galaxy S9 or S9+ in pristine condition, rather than have it scratched by your keys, or worse, dropped and smashed. We've therefore rounded up some of the best cases already available to keep your Galaxy S9 and S9+ looking its best. 

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Samsung unsurprisingly offers its own range of cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ and this year, the company has six different cases to choose from. 

Clear View Standing Cover

The Clear View Standing Cover offers all round protection for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The front cover shows you quick information at a glance, such as time, date and battery level. It can also show you who is calling and allows you to answer or reject a call without having to open the case at all. Flip the case open and it doubles up as a stand too. 

LED View Cover

The Samsung LED View Cover is similar to the Clear View version, as it shows quick information without you having to open the case at all. Information is displayed via LEDs and you can personalise it with some fun icons. It's available in purple, black or blue.

Alcantara Cover

The Alcantara cover adds a bit of luxury to your Galaxy S9 or S9+. It doesn't have a flip cover, but instead gives a lovely, soft layer of Alcantara on the back to provide some extra grip. It's available in black, blue, red or mint.

Protective Standing Cover

The Protective Standing Cover is probably Samsung's most rugged case for the Galaxy S9 duo. It features a military-grade casing so you can be safe in the knowledge your Galaxy S9 or S9+ is well protected, plus it has a built-in kickstand so you can watch movies and TV shows at a comfortable angle on the morning commute.

Hyperknit Cover

For the fitness fanatics among you, the Hyperknit cover is made from the same knitted material as some sports trainers. The case has been designed to be as slim as possible to avoid adding extra bulk to your phone, and provides an extra level of grip. It's available in gray or red.

Silicone Cover

No case lineup would be complete without a silicone cover. Samsung's version is available in a range of colours and provides a soft, easy-to-grip layer of protection that can comfortably withstand bumps, knock and drops. 


Speck has a new range of Presidio Folio and Presidio Folio Leather cases for both the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+, along with Presidio Clear, Grip and Sport cases. The Folio range can survive drops of up to three metres and have a hidden slot for holding up to three cards. Both Folio cases have the added benefit of converting into a stand for watching hands-free videos. 

The Clear, Sport and Grip cases all attach to the back of the S9 and S9+ and offer the same three metre drop protection. They're available in a range of colours and are available to pre-order now.


Tech21 has three new ranges of cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, all of which have been built to withstand high drops

Evo Max

The Evo Max range benefits from a tough polycarbonate shell and Tech21's own FlexShock technology, which let the Galaxy S9 duo withstand drops of 14ft. It's available to pre-order now in orchid, charcoal, smokey dahlia, devine blue and crushed turquoise colours.

Evo Luxe

For those who want to add a bit of luxury to their Galaxy S9 or S9+, Tech21 has the Evo Luxe range, which again features a polycarbonate shell, but is finished in a premium vegan leather. The Evo Luxe case is proven to withstand drops from 12ft. 

Case Mate

Case Mate has a wide range of fashionable cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, along with more traditional looking cases. All of them are designed to be tough and give your new Galaxy smartphone the best possible protection. Better still, Case Mate is offering 15 per cent off everything on its site with the code POCKETLINT15 (this deal is currently US only).


Mous has announced the Limitless case for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. It uses the company's AiroShock technology that provides a tough layer of protection while still remaining slim. The Limitless case is available in Walnut and Carbon Fibre finishes. 


Gear4 has four different cases available for the Galaxy S9 and S9+: Piccadilly, Oxford, Victoria and Battersea.

Piccadilly is a clear case with a colour bumper that can withstand drops up to 10ft and is scratch resistant.

Oxford is a folio style case with a front flip cover and space for cards inside.

Victoria is a range of fashionable cases for the S9 duo, with Feather, Palms and Mandala styles all being available.

Finally Battersea is Gear4's most rugged case. The hardback case can withstand drops from 13ft, while the soft touch panel provides an extra level of grip. 

See all of Gear4's Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases on

Urban Armor Gear

Urban Armor Gear has four new ranges of case for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, all of which offer military-grade protection. 


The Monarch range, available in crimson and black colour finishes, has a lightweight build with five layers of protection. It combines leather and metal materials and features oversized buttons and complete protective surround to keep the corners free from scratches. 


The Plyo range is available in ice, ash, crimson and glacier colours and features an armoured shell with an impact resistant soft core. It offers protection all around the S9 phones, oversized buttons and easy access to the headphone and USB ports. 


The Plasma range is very similar to the Plyo, although it's available in different colour ways and has a rubberised grip on the sides to ensure it doesn't slip out your hands. It's available in ice, ash, cobalt and citron finishes.


The Pathfinder case offers much of the same protection as the Plyo and Plasma ranges, but is only available in an all-black colour finish. The Pathfinder, along with the other UAG Galaxy S9 cases, is compatible with Samsung Pay and Samsung Fast Wireless Charging. 

Ted Baker

British fashion house Ted Baker has released some stylish cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus


The Carrow case for the S9 is a hard-shell style case that offers protection on all four corners and the side edges. It sports sleek, navy design and textured back for improved grip. Ted Baker also has a similar version for the S9+ called Hider. 

Folio Mirror Case

If it's a bit of sparkle you want to add to your Galaxy S9, Ted Baker's Folio Mirror Case is ideal. It sports a leather effect design in pink, with glitter all over to make it shimmer. More importantly, it offers all over protection for the Galaxy S9, with the flip front protecting the screen and inside the front flap is a compact mirror. 


British case manufacturer Snakehive has a leather wallet case available for the Galaxy S9 (there's no S9+ case just yet) that's available in a wide range of colours. The Snakehive case is made from genuine nubuck leather, has three credit card slots and doubles up as a tabletop stand. 


British accessory maker Otterbox has got in on the Galaxy S9 action too. The company has the Symmetry case, which provides all-round protection for the S9 or S9+ while maintaining a slim profile. Otterbox's cases are subjected to numerous drop tests and they don't get made until they pass with flying colours.


British-based Greenwich makes high-end leather cases for phones and tablets, and has now extended its reach to the Galaxy S9.


Perhaps the most luxurious case in Greenwich's lineup is the Walker. With a genuine Alcantara wrapping and electroplated gunmetal rear shell, the Walker is the epitome of quality. Greenwich is so confident it will provide constant protection for the Galaxy S9 that it gives it a lifetime guarantee. 


The Horo case for the Galaxy S9 sports a slim profile, genuine German leather - the same you'll find in Bentley motors no less - and an electroplated rear shell to make it light, yet incredibly durable. The front flap also has a carbon fibre panel which Greenwich says can protect your S9 from a shotgun blast. Now that's protection.


Not only does Proporta manufacture cases for other brands, but it has an extensive range of its own, so it knows a thing or two about case design. 

Carbon Ultra

The Carbon Ultra case is a shell-style that attaches to the rear of the Galaxy S9. As the name suggests, it's made from carbon fibre, so provides incredibly high levels of protection for your phone. It can remain incredibly thin at the same time, adding just 2mm to the back of the S9 and is fully compatible with wireless chargers. 

Galaxy S9: See it at Proporta

Carbon Opus

If it's protection for the screen you want, as well as protection for the entire S9, Proporta's Carbon Opus could be your ideal case. With a Nappa leather wrap combined with carbon fibre make it incredibly durable, while snap-back technology keeps the folio flip cover attached to the back plate so it doesn't get in your way. 


The Bugatti Porto case is a simple clip on design, but one that is the epitome of luxury. It has a soft microfibre layer on the inside to hug your Galaxy S9 smartphone and keep it scratch free, and an Ultrasuede material on the outside. It's not just style though, the Porto case offers substance too, and offers total protection for your brand new Galaxy.


Xqisit has three different cases available for the Galaxy S9 duo, all of which provide protection while remaining stylish and incredibly affordable. 


The Flex case is a simple slim and compact case for the S9 and S9+ that adds virtually no bulk to the phone, but provides a full layer of protection thanks to its TPU construction. 

Flap Cover Adour

The Flap Cover Adour takes the Flex case, the slim, clear TPU part and adds a leather-effect front flip panel to cover the screen to add an extra layer of protection. The flip section of the case has a small section for cards and cash. 

Slim Wallet Selection

The Slim Wallet Selection case has a hard shell back casing with a leather front panel that not only protects the front of the Galaxy S9 or S9+ when not in use, but doubles up as a tabletop stand. It also has some spaces for cards. 


Casetify has a huge range of Galaxy S9 and S9+ cases, all of which make use of glitter. The company's cases have glitter floating around inside like a snow globe and are available in three different shades: Rose Gold, Monochrome Silver and Unicorn Pastels. With so many designs to choose from, you're bound to find one to suit you.


Mujjo's wallet cases for the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus are made of genuine full-grain leather and have a card pocket on the back, big enough for up to three cards. They have an incredibly slim profile so don't give your phone unnecessary bulk and are lined with a Japanese microfibre material, to make sure your Galaxy S9 or S9 remains scratch-free.



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