I Love the Labo Vehicle Kit’s Pedal, and I’m Not Entirely Sure Why

I vividly remember the disappointment I felt when I bought a PS1 lightgun for Time Crisis and it didn’t recoil after I pulled the trigger. It quickly became clear that, aside from the thrills of seeing the game on a big screen or gleefully wasting all my dad’s spare change, something about that plasticky kickback alone made the arcade version feel special - so much so that I continued scraping together pound coins to play the cabinet version while my copy at home was slowly entombed in dust.

Over the course of three sets it’s become clear to me that I enjoy building Labo’s Toy-Con more than I enjoy playing what those controllers enable, but Nintendo’s latest ream of cardboard, the evocatively named Toy-Con 03: Vehicle Kit, comes with an added bonus after you’ve put it all together. It doesn’t let me down like that lightgun.

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Friday, September 14, 2018 - 11:03

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