The NYNE Bass, Anker SoundCore Mini, and Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speakers
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Are you tired of your phone’s disappointing speakerphone function? Well, maybe it’s time to upgrade your lousy speakerphone calls with a high quality Bluetooth speaker.

You might assume that any Bluetooth speaker can be used as a wireless speakerphone. After all, the primary purpose of a phone is to make phonecalls, and the primary purpose of a Bluetooth speaker is to amplify the sound from your phone. But for some reason, the overwhelming majority of Bluetooth speakers don’t have built-in microphones. And without microphones, they can’t be used as wireless speakerphones.

The overwhelming omission of microphones in Bluetooth speakers is an upsetting fact of life that we all have to come to terms with. Thankfully, we can divert our attention away from that existential pitfall, because there are a handful of high-quality Bluetooth speakers that can actually be used as speakerphones.

Of course, all of these Bluetooth speakers have their own features and quirks. Some are good for days at the beach, while others are best left in the living room. That’s why we’ve taken the time to find a variety of the best Bluetooth speakers with speakerphone functionality, for everyone’s needs.

Anker SoundCore 2 ($40)

The Anker SoundCore 2 Bluetooth Speaker

If you’re looking for an affordable, loud, tried-and-true Bluetooth speaker with speakerphone capabilities, then you should check out the Anker SoundCore 2. It has a high-quality built-in microphone, a loud speaker, and a connectivity range of up to 66 feet.

Anker’s SoundCore 2 is among our favorite Bluetooth speakers, and for good reason. It’s a small, loud, high-quality device at an affordable price. It also has a 24-hour battery life, an AUX port, and an IPX5 water resistance rating (it can handle splashes, rain, and maybe a quick submersion).

Anker SoundCore Mini ($25)

The Anker SoundCore Mini Bluetooth Speaker

If you want an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker with speakerphone functionality, then you should consider the Anker SoundCore Mini. It’s a tiny, inexpensive Bluetooth speaker, but it can get pretty loud. Plus, it has a built-in microphone and a connectivity range of up to 66 feet.

The SoundCore Mini is a neat little device with a bunch of extra features. It has a micro SD port (for music files), a built-in FM radio, and an AUX port. It boasts a 15-hour battery life, and it has an IPX5 water resistance rating, so it can handle a bit of rain or a quick dunk in the pool.

DOSS Touch ($28)

The DOSS Touch Bluetooth Speaker

The DOSS Touch is an elegant Bluetooth speaker. It has a touchscreen, two speakers for high-quality stereo sound, and a built-in microphone for speakerphone functionality. It also has a decent 12-hour battery life, a micro SD card slot (for music files), and a 66-foot wireless connectivity range.

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Monday, April 15, 2019 - 4:00am