Allow or Block Lede

Google Chrome lets you manage which individual sites can have access to your microphone and camera. If you don’t see any video or the mic isn’t picking up voice, you might need to change the permissions Chrome is giving to a site. Here’s how.

How to Change a Site’s Permissions in Chrome

For security purposes, Chrome prompts you any time a site requests access to your microphone or webcam. If you accidentally clicked “Block” the first time you saw the prompt, or you just want to revoke the permissions you previously gave, we’ll show you how to manage those settings.

Knowing how and where to access the settings related to a site’s permissions to your computer’s hardware is important in case you ever need to change your mind as to what a website is allowed to use.

There are basically two ways to manage the permissions for microphone and webcam to a site: from the Omnibox or inside Chrome’s settings.

Change a Site’s Permissions From the Omnibox

This method works when you’ve already set the permissions for the microphone or camera and want to change them while visiting that particular site.

Go to the website for which you want to change the permissions and click the lock icon on the leftmost side of the Omnibox.

Click the lock icon in the Omnibox

From the menu that appears, click either the microphone or camera, then from the drop-down menu, select “Allow” or “Block,” then click the X to save your changes.

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Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 9:00am