Extreme weather conditions trigger fires in several states and a thunderstorm asthma warning and dust storm in Victoria. Follow all the latest updates

6.50am GMT

The cool change that’s hit Melbourne has brought relief, but also comparisons with Black Saturday in February 2009. Your correspondent is among those who remembers the wind suddenly swinging around and the temperature (which had reached 46C) dropping 15C in 15 minutes...

The SW'ly cool change crossed #Melbourne at 2.50pm, bringing widespread dust and a temperature drop of 9 degrees in 15 minutes.The maximum temperature was 40.9 degrees - this equals the all-time record for November at the City station, previously set on 27 Nov 1894. pic.twitter.com/du6dvtLbo2

6.44am GMT

Many towns in #Tasmania set new November maximum temperature #records today. The statewide top temp of 38.3 °C recorded at #Campania was only slightly lower than the November record for any location in Tasmania (38.5 °C at Hobart AP on 23 Nov 1966). https://t.co/1kG3dWeUY7 pic.twitter.com/BRtTIO6DAw

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Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 1:55am

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