Tonight is the fifth of the primary democratic presidential debates, as 10 candidates answer questions from impeachment and inequality to healthcare and homelessness, but attacks on Buttigieg largely don’t materialize

3.53am GMT

Joe Biden’s last answer before the commercial break was undeniably bungled from beginning to end.

The former vice president also incorrectly identified former senator Carol Moseley Braun as the “only” African-American woman elected to the Senate, even though Kamala Harris was standing feet away from him. The California senator quickly corrected him.

Biden says he’s endorsed by the “only African-American woman that had ever been elected to the United States Senate,” as Kamala Harris stands on the stage.Harris: “the other one is here”Biden: “I said the point is....”

3.49am GMT

After Elizabeth Warren answered a question about Trump’s proposed border wall, Cory Booker pivoted back to discussing the importance of black voters and went on to specifically address marijuana legalization.

The New Jersey senator criticized Joe Biden for not supporting marijuana legalization. Booker said of recent comments Biden made criticizing legalization, “I thought you might have been high when you said it.” That was arguably the biggest laugh line of the night so far.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 10:53pm

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