Greg Mullins and others have met with Angus Taylor and David Littleproud to discuss climate concerns. Follow all the day’s politics, live

6.41am GMT

That’s where we’ll leave the day for now. Thanks again for following along with the day’s events. It’s been another frantic day, so let’s recap:

6.14am GMT

The emergency services minister, David Littleproud, addressed his meeting with the former chief of NSW Fire and Rescue Greg Mullins a little earlier at a press conference:

What I said to Mr Mullins and the other former fire chiefs ... [was] that they can take great comfort and great pride in the new breed of fire commissioners. They have planned meticulously for this fire season. I’ve only been emergency services minister since June and the first advice I got is we would expect to see the fire season start in August and be severe.

It has always been the responsibility of states to look after emergency management but we support them and the federal government has proven that – we topped up last year’s [funding].

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - 2:14am

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