Lib Dem leader said leaders should be ‘very careful’ about relationship with US president, ahead of his arrival for Nato

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Q: How exactly can they revoke article 50? I’d like someone to explain how they can legally overturn article 50 and the impact it could have on future government decisions. Suzi, manual labour worker in a warehouse, West Yorkshire

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Here is the main point from Nigel Farage’s speech at the Brexit party rally in Buckley in North Wales.

They [the Europeans] are not just talking about building their European defence union; they are talking about flexing their muscles around the world. I find that very alarming talk. What is clear, what is absolutely clear, is they want Nato out of Europe. That’s what the politicians in Brussels want.

No man effectively can serve both; Nato and a European defence union cannot co-exist equally.

And I would say that in a world where there are some major serious threats, we need that military relationship with America today as much as we have ever needed it.

If we leave the European defence union, it becomes valueless. Because without [the UK], it doesn’t have the muscle that it needs. But if we stay, don’t be surprised if Nato falls to pieces and we leave the security and protection that America had for us, thank god, twice in the last century.

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Monday, December 2, 2019 - 8:10am

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