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68th over: England 145-3 (Denly 46, Stokes 18) Not getting out is better than getting out, and Denly has been in the 40s for 39 balls. But it’s Stokes one strike at the start of this over, and he swipes its last ball to the man on the cover fence and they amble one.

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67th over: England 144-3 (Denly 46, Stokes 17) Denly hangs about - there’s been lot of “put their bowlers into their fourth and fifth spells” chat in the England camp, I shouldn’t wonder. Maiden.

“Are we seeing in Denly the reincarnation of another late blooming 33 year-old - David Steele?” asks Ian Forth. “Doubt he’ll be Sports Personality of the Year, though.”

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - 10:51pm

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