ALP requests documents about Barr investigation into the Mueller report. Plus, new AFP commissioner faces Senate estimates, and media companies unite against secrecy laws. All the day’s events, live

7.17am BST

Angus Taylor’s disclosures regarding his interest in company Jam Land are now being scrutinised, given the department’s administration of the ministerial standards.

Labor senator Jenny McAllister is asking what attempts have been made by the prime minister, Scott Morrison, to satisfy himself that Taylor is not in breach of ministerial standards which prevent the use of public office for personal benefit.

7.13am BST

Mathias Cormann says there was no breach of the rules by Mr Pyne and Ms Bishop. He says there's been no further action from the PM after the Senate inquiry. Senator Cormann calls it a partisan exercise #estimates

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Monday, October 21, 2019 - 2:21am

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